Craftsman introduction

Introducing the specialised craftsmen such as woodworkers, sculptors, lacquerers and more.


Our company has been specialised in wood processing of Mikoshi body since its founding.
The reliable techniques are used for creating new Mikoshi as well as restoring damaged parts to their original state.
For the Mikoshi materials, we process each type of wood such as Hinoki (cypress), Keyaki (zelkova) and oak with a distinction of nature.
Mikoshi has many curves and shows elegance as a traditional craft by using tools such as planes.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Mikoshi and anything related to wood production.


Lacquer is a material that has been used since ancient times, and can be used as glue, filler and paint. Lacquering creates strength and a characteristic gloss by carefully applying lacquer with many coats. To coat lacquer beautifully, there are 20 to 30 processes from the groundwork, undercoating, intermediate coating and top coating. Lacquerers have a distinguishing characteristic of peculiarity and complete the lacquer coating evenly. The gloss and brightness are indispensable for Japanese traditional crafts.

The beauty of lacquering in restoration has been well received by existing customers as well as new customers.  

Metal ornament makers

Metal ornament makers are specialised in metal processing. They use specific types of chisels on brass plates and copper plates, and attach lively carved seals on the metals. The brilliance of the Mikoshi is further increased by attaching metal ornaments to the Mikoshi.
  In restoration, it is possible to remake a severely damaged part, however, restoration is done with metal levelling skills in many cases such as misshapen.

One of our strengths is the skill of the craftsmen who have full knowledge of the characteristics of chisels and metal plates. 


A wooden sculpture is attached to the Mikoshi body. Sculptors undertake work upon request. There are many mythical creatures, such as dragons, in the sculptures. In addition, mythical scenes such as Chinese zodiac animals or local area themes are used.
  Graphic sculptures using a variety of carving knives for manufacturing to emphasize brilliance in the Mikoshi.

Gold plating artisans

The gilded gold plating is operated after the process of lacquering. Although it depends on the specifications of the Mikoshi, gold plates are applied to Masugumi, behind the eaves and sculpture parts. It is a traditional craft technique that has an influence on highlighting the nobility of Mikoshi.
Gold plating artisans work with 1/10,000 mm gold plates using dedicated tools to prevent static electricity.
As a delicate material, they proceed with care.


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