Craft production by Mikoshi craftsmen

Craft production by Mikoshi craftsmen

Nakadai Manufacturing has the following craftsmen for producing Mikoshi consistently.
Therefore, we are able to produce not only woodwork but also variety of crafts such as lacquer, gold and silver metals.
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Example of crafts

Original nameplate

The foundation is made of wood, created with a three dimensional effect by sculpturing the letters on the nameplate and make it durable by processing with pure silver.
The craft can be used for a long time showing high quality at the same time.


We make tables such as conference tables and dining tables to suit your preferences.
Wood crack prevention is shaped for good fortune.

Wooden sign

We make a handmade signboard for shops, as well as other items.


We can see a craftsman’s technique here as if he is twisting woodwork.
It is also suitable for Father’s Day gift.

Uniform frame

how about a frame hand made by a craftsman for keeping your favourite player’s uniform?

Company sign

We made a signboard for a company with a corporate image. Platinum leaves are used for outside sign.

Mikoshi museum

The signboard of the Mikoshi Museum which is next to our office is also handmade by craftsmen.
Japanese style gets very good reviews, and it is definitely eye-catching when used in shops. We make it according to your request.

  • Mikoshi museum 1
  • Mikoshi museum 2
  • Mikoshi museum 3
  • Mikoshi museum 4

Craftsmen put their heart and soul into their work.


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