Customers who wish to repair their Mikoshi

About repairing Mikoshi

A Miksohi needs to be repaired one every 20 to 30 years.
We propose repair methods within your budget and upon request such as restoration, partial repair or maintenance.
Please feel free to contact us.

Case of fixing a backlash

The roof creaks when it is carried for more than 30 years since the last restoration.
We received a request to repair a Mikoshi before potential festival damage this year.
After removing the roof and adjusting the column, the Mikoshi was constructed the same as before.

Partial repair

Even if a Mikoshi is well cared for, it might be partly broken unexpectedly when it is put away or in the Togyo (festival of the divine spirits moving to other places from the main shrine) or deterioration over time.
Estimates are free of charge, such as a wing of Ōtori is broken, a part of roof (warabi-te) is broken and lost metal ornaments.
Please feel free to contact us.

  • A part of roof (warabi-te) was broken at the root.
    We removed metal ornaments and repaired the wooden part.

  • A wing of Ōtori was bent as it was hit on the wall when we put the Mikoshi away. We took apart into pieces, levelled the bent part, applied gold plating, and restored to its original condition.

  • As the architrave part had been cracked, we removed all the old lacquer, cleaned up and applied the groundwork, and recoated lacquer again.

  • Ōtori swayed a lot at the time of Togyo, and it wasn’t safe.
    By adjusting a hole of Roban (a dew basin at the bottom of a pagoda), the wobbling part of Ōtori was fixed.

Full repair

Mikoshi has been inherited for generations.
Even though Mikoshi is treated with care, problems such as wood damage, lacquer cracks, bending metal ornaments and peeling of gold plates occurs due to deterioration over time.
Would you consider repairing your Mikoshi for safe Togyo?
An estimate is free of charge. Please feel free to contact us.

  • To (coating) Mikoshi

  • Shiraki Mikoshi

The entire restoration process is completed almost as new.
Craftsmen finish repair with all their effort.

Customers voice

  • Sample

    From Koto ward,
    male in 60s

    I thought that the functionality wouldn’t change in the case of retightening so it might not be much different, but I was amazed that it was so easy to carry compared to the one before retightening.

  • Sample

    From Arakawa ward,
    male in 60s

    I thought the Mikoshi rattles usually as it hasn’t been maintained for decades. After retightening, it feels safe carrying because it doesn’t rattle anymore.

  • Sample

    From Chuo ward,
    male in 60s

    I’m grateful that they managed to repair the pole in time, even though it was broken at the last minute before the festival.

  • Sample

    From Chiba,
    male in 70s

    They have repaired our Mikoshi, even though another company told us it wouldn’t be possible to repair.

  • Sample

    From Chofu city,
    customer in 50s

    I didn’t know Warabite (a part of roof) could be repaired.

  • Sample

    From Saitama,
    male in 70s

    I’m currently a customer, the reason why I wanted to ask Nakadai Manufacturing is that the craftsmen are kind. It wasn’t only sales talk when I went for a visit. I felt a comfortable atmosphere in the company.

  • Sample

    From Meguro ward,
    female in 30s

    I am relieved as Nakadai Manufacturing repairs Mikoshi precisely.

Craftsmen finish repair with all their effort.


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