Mikoshi Production・Repair・Rental・Storage

  • Are you planning to have your own Mikoshi?

    If you haven’t decided what kind of Mikoshi you would like to make, Nakadai Manufacturing can help conceptualise your request.
    The size and design is flexible depending on your request.

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  • Are you planning to repair your Mikoshi?

    If your Mikoshi is partially broken, old, needs to be repaired or to be cleaned up, Nakadai Manufacturing will propose repair methods and make an estimate as best as we can to match your request.

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  • For those who are thinking about renting a Mikoshi

    Nakadai Manufacturing lend out Mikoshi for those who want to use Mikoshi for shooting movies and events or want to hold a festival in their local town.

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  • Are you wondering where to store your Mikoshi?

    We recommend using our storage for people who don’t have enough storage space for a Mikoshi or prefer to store it in better environments.

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