Are you planning to maintain Dashi?

About maintenance (part restoration)

Dashi can last for decades with the proper partial maintenance.
At Nakadai Manufacturing, we offer not only full repair, but general repairs such as partial maintenance after dismantling.


Drums have a certain lifespan because leather is used. Wood and metal are also used on a drum cylinder, it gets old over time.

After repairing and polishing the drum cylinder, it can be reborn beyond recognition.


Iron wheels are fitted outside of the Dashi wheels (Genji-guruma(a type of Dashi)). Genji-guruma deteriorates over time because it is made of wood. When wood deteriorates, a gap forms between the wood and iron wheels and the wheels can’t move properly.

By attaching the iron wheels to wood in its current condition, defects such as distortion can be removed. The method of “shrink fitting” is used for repairing.

Other maintenance is also available.
Please feel free to contact us for more information such as how to make your Dashi last longer.
We also welcome you to come in and consult us.


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