Do you have any problems storing Mikoshi?

About storage Mikoshi

A Mikoshi’s life expectancy changes depending on the storage environment and condition.
Therefore, we look after important Mikoshi from our clients who are shrines, neighbourhood associations and other organisations.
Maintenance by craftsmen keep it in the best condition so storing the assets between generations, as well as Togyo in festivals can be managed safely.

Do you have any trouble?

Please be assured.
You can leave everything such as inspection, maintenance, repair and storage to us.

Advantage of entrusting our storage warehouse

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    There is no need to clean up after the festival.

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    There is no need for concern about the shortage of accessories during the festival.

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    There is no charge for inspection before the festival. (we estimate if repair is needed)

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    All the problems related to Mikoshi would be solved.
    Please feel free to contact us.

State of storage

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