Are you planning to repair your Dashi?

About Dashi repair

Dashi which have been used for many years are able to be used longer by undertaking full repair instead of replacing it with new one.
The full restoration process is as follows;
Deconstructing the Dashi main body – removing the metal ornaments – dismantling the Shinseicho – repairing damaged parts of metal ornaments - levelling metal ornaments – Washing Dashi body – repairing wood – planting – colouring – framework Shinseicho – attaching metal ornaments – framework body,
It becomes almost brand-new by replacing drum leather and lettering on the drum.

Our craftsmen put their hearts into making Dashi.


The restoration plan started from the requests “we want the Dashi size to be smaller” and “we want to bring back the old brightness”.

There was a plan to make a new Dashi, however, it was requested that it is sad to discard an old Dashi which had been used for a long time.
Therefore, we decided to utilise and repair some parts such as“sculptures”, “metal ornaments”, “drums” and “Shinseicho” so that the image of the Dashi would be similar to the old one instead of discarding it.
Then, we make the new main body to reduce the size.
As a result, the size of the Dashi has been reduced, the image of Dashi is still similar as before, and it is reborn as a Dashi that could be used safely for a long time.

  • The size of old Dashi

    Full length : about 2m80cm (not includes thills part)

    Full width : about 2m10cm

    Total height : about 3m50cm (not includes Shinseicho)

  • The size of new Dashi

    Full length : about3m30cm(not includes thills part)

    Full width : about 1m80cm

    Total height : about 2m70cm(not includes Shinseicho)

Our craftsmen put their hearts into making Dashi.


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