For those who want to rent a Mikoshi

About Mikoshi rental

Nakadai Manufacturing has different sizes of Mikoshi for rent, and there are many cases such as movies, soap operas and events that have used rented Mikoshi.
Please feel free to contact us.

Recommended for

Examples of renting

  • festivals


    If your neighbourhood association has a Mikoshi for adults only, you can rent a Mikoshi for children who want to try carrying one.

  • wedding reception

    Wedding reception

    The gorgeous Mikoshi would fit for highlighting the entrance of groom and bride or for entertainment at a wedding reception.
    It is dazzling if the Mikoshi is used as decoration.

  • Various meetings

    Various meetings

    Many people use rental Mikoshi for year-end parties and launch parties. Bonds with colleagues get stronger when you carry Mikoshi together.

  • Events


    Mikoshi can be used for commercial shooting and new song music videos. In addition to that, Mikoshi is used for school festivals as well. It would be exciting to use it.

About rental fees

For adults from 200,000 Japanese yen
For children from 100,000 Japanese yen.
* Please call us as prices are different. It depends on the number of days and the size of the Mikoshi.


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