Festival items

Hanten and Happi for togetherness

Hanten and Happi make festivals and events more exciting.
You can create your original logo and make your own Hanten and Happi. Sizes for children and adults are also available.


Hanten (short coat) for adults

size length width of a garment sleeve width height (standard) waist (standard)
S 75cm 64cm 30cm 150~160cm 60~70cm
M 80cm 66cm 33cm 165~175cm 70~90cm
L 85cm 68cm 34cm 175~180cm 70~90cm
LL 90cm 70cm 35cm 180~185cm 70~90cm

Hanten (short coat) for children

size length width of a garment sleeve width height (standard) age (standard)
SS 45cm 37cm 18cm 75~90cm 1~3 years old
S 50cm 42cm 20cm 90~110cm 4~6 years old
M 55cm 45cm 21cm 110~125cm 7~10 years old
L 60cm 48cm 22cm 125~140cm 11~13 years old
LL 65cm 55cm 28cm 140~150cm 14~15 years old

*An extra fee for making tailored sizes of Hanten may be required.
*Due to tailoring and aesthetics, if you are making your own design, we recommend making a design that matches one specific size.
*We can make Mikoshi Hanten which are longer in length as well. please feel free to contact us.


  • 綿絽
  • 綿絽
  • 綿絽

Other images

  • 青
  • 青
  • 青
  • 紫
  • 紫
  • 紫
  • 茶
  • 茶
  • 茶


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